Spark Compatible Android App

I use Spark to work with teams from multiple locations in several chat rooms. I would like to be able to monitor/participate in a chat room while I’m away from my desk through my Android phone. I have the VPN client installed and working and now I’m looking for an app that is compatible with Spark. I’ve tried IMO, Trillian and Jabber but can’t find a way to configure them to talk to the server at the main site, they either want a phone number or an email address. The server name is in the form Any suggestions?

Do you mean to connect to your Openfire through a VPN connection from your mobile device? Then i don’t know if any client would work in this setup. If your server is available on the Internet, then you can use Xabber, Yaxim or other jabber clients for Android. There is no specific requirement to be compatible with Spark. They all are xmpp/jabber compliant clients.

Yes, I have to vpn to hit the server. I vpn from my phone to get to their web server but guess I am stuck with having to use a computer to hit the chat… Thanks for the info!

What about opening up the ports 5222 / 5223 to the Openfire server to make it accessible from outside? Is that an option?

Unfortunately they won’t change the current configuration, looks like 5222 is open, but we can only hit it through vpn from computers. I don’t know of anyone in the group that is hitting the server from a smartphone. It’d be nice though… I’m surprised Spark does not have a mobile version.

I was surprised that Spark didn’t have a mobile version, BUT that is not a problem, because your options are very open…

Android: XABBER and others (I choose Xabber free)

ios: Monal (also free)

Blackberry: Clients exist, but I do not have a BB anymore…

for 5222 / authentication is enabled via SSL or TLS depending on config, and the client, so perhaps you could talk the group into opening THAT up?

DADM wrote:

I’m surprised Spark does not have a mobile version.

Replicating same GUI would be hard as the desktop version uses nearly obsolete Swing api. Though it still would have to look different because of the limited display size on mobile. So it would look like Xabber or Yaxim in use. Of course, Spark has some unique features that other clients don’t have, but those can be even harder to port. Also, there are currently no active developers to push the desktop version forward, so mobile version is not in plans. And there are no plans actually