Spark - Conference room info

Im using Spark 2.6.0 RC2.

Actually nothing happens where i go to Conferences » Room » View Room Info.

I think i must view People in there and description.

Anyone can help, this need to be active? Is a configuration problem?


Coukd you please attach your error logs.

works for me see, screenshot benannt.PNG

Thanks for your answers.

If working to you, im doing something bad, so:

  • I try it with other version of Spark (2.5.8) and doesn´t work too.

  • I create and delete other rooms and have the same troubles.

  • Im using LDAP (Active Directory) authentification.

  • I add another services, changing values and same happens with that.

About logs:

  • No errors.

  • Some warnings:

2011.04.07 09:24:40 Cache Roster was full, shrinked to 90% in 0ms. (i don´t know how to solve).