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Spark Connect to Server

Hell I am having a issue with trying to get my Spark client to connect to my OpenFire. Whenever I go to input the server name of my serve that openfire is installed on it kicks back saying “Cannot connect to Server”. I think the issue has to be that my OpenFire is installed on seperate domain from my Spark client install on my laptop. The OpenFire install is installed on domain1.local while my Spark client is on my Domain2.local. The reason there are two domains is because we are in a transistion phase of installing a new domain controller with a new domain name. I just wanted to see if this would be the reason the Spark client could not connect to the OpenFire install.

Servername should be resolvable in the network. I mean you machine (with Spark installed) should be able to resolve the domain1.local name in the network. Or you may use the IP address instead of the name.

Perfect that was the answer I was looking for. I actually have another issue that is with Open Server not starting properly after i close it. I am going to close this and post in there, because I believe that is possibly the issue there.