Spark - Connect Using Voice

Beginning on page 8 of the Spark User Guide there is a section on connecting using voice. On the Spark Chat window it shows a phone call icon. This does not show in my installation of Spark 2.6.3. In looking at my plug in list there is Phone client 1.1.0 (SIP softphone plugin) but I don’t think that this is the same.

Can someone enlighten me as to how best to do a simple audio chat with another Spark user? Would this be through the Redfire plug in or is there something simpler for just audio?



add a stun fallback server to spark

this was previously discussed in the forum, use the search function

OK, that gets me on the right path. At the moment I don’t know anything about stun but adding that to the search is getting good results.



Hi wroot,

I found that procedure once I modified my search. Thanks. Here’s what I did. I have two PCs in my local network that I’ve been testing with. One (where the Openfire server is located) has a wired connection to the internet router, the other is on wireless. Text messaging, whiteboard, Redfire screenshare all work. Redfire A/V is a problem but may be a separate issue.

I set up a second IP address on the PC with Openfire using the advanced settings in XP (the PC has only one ethernet card). I checked Local Server Enabled in the STUN settings and deleted the external STUN servers. Primary server is my real IP address, secondary is the one I fudged.

In each of the Spark clients I edited the Spark properties file for my dns address stunFallbackHost=owlsh… That is also in the Spark media settings along with port 3478.

Doesn’t work. No call button.

It’s got to be something very fundamental that I’m doing wrong and it may be related to why I can’t get the Redfire A/V to work (even though screenshare is fine). Also, after I installed the Redfire plug in I get a string of red error messages and comments in the opening screen for Openfire. This may relate to problems with that installation.



Well, i’m not doing anything else as described in that document and it shows the Call button to me. Actually, i have found out that Enable Local server is not even enabled on my server and both Spark clients still show the Call button (can’t test whether it actuall works, but at least it is showing up). I have only added my server to their Media settings as a stun server.

But maybe this is just a GUI bug of Openfire and Stun is still enabled with that checkbox unchecked. Then maybe those 2 IPs has to be legal and not spoofed. In my setup this is 2 real IPs of tw LAN cards in my PC.