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Spark connecting to multiple Wildfire servers

I have a situation where I need a client (my spark client) to be able to connect to two different spark servers. I currently have a spark server in beta testing and is self contained.

I have now started to see a big push for IM internal to our company and need to find an easy way to manage Wildfire(windows) and Spark (windows). I installed Wildfire on a Win 2003 server and linked it to an MS SQL Server and hooked it into AD. I did have a few problems with the AD integration but in the long run this will work the best.

So back to my initial question… How do I get Spark to open simultaneous connections to both my spark servers without linking the two servers? Or can I?


I assume you mean Wildfire server, there is no Spark server.

Spark allows you to connect only to one server, you could use a xmpp transport to connect to another server through this connection.

I wonder which use case you have that you need to connect to two servers.


Yes I did mean Wildfire, doh! I really don’'t have a buisness reason but I am testing on one server and have a production account on the other server. I would like to make connections to both at the same time. No biggy, thanks for the advice though!


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if you copy Spark.exe to Spark2.exe you launch Spark two times - this will overwrite some Spark log files but should be fine for testing.


Wow now that’'s what I am talking about!