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Spark Conversation Logging

Is it possible to log all conversations to a database in Spark? This feature seems to be missing from every jabber-based IM client, and its causing me to have to build one just to have this feature. It seems any client targeted towards the enterprise should have this functionality built-in to comply with any regulatory requirements. I understand its available on the server side (using Jive messenger), but from what I gather, logged conversations contain tons of XML data that isn’'t necessary.


This isn’‘t currently possible in Spark, but this type of functionality is definitely on our roadmap. I would hope that you wouldn’‘t need to build your own client just to get the feature. If you send me an email, perhaps there’'s some way we could find to work together on getting this feature implemented.



That sounds good to me Matt, what’'s your email address?

Nevermind about the email address, got it! I’'ll shoot you an email in a minute, hopefully we can work together on this!

it would be better if spark could access an archive from the server itself, hence utilise the servers own storage.

This would also be more secure as laptops and the like would not have the data stored locally.

Hi Matt,

which database will Spark install (with version 3.x) when I want to log into a local database? To me this sounds more than silly, actually everyone uses a more or less journaled filesystem and chat messages are usually not so critical that one needs a database on his notebook just to store them. Restoring a directory is also a lot easier than restoring a database, while backup is usually easy.