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Spark crashing a machine


I’ve been testing openfire and spark in various departments at my copmany and I ran into a very weird issue I wondered if anyone else had as well. This issue only takes place on the Dell Optiplex SX280’s we have deployed. When spark is logged in with in 5 minutes or so even if you didn’t send a message the machine abruptly reboots! I can’t quite figure out why but spark is definetly causing it but how it is able to cause that severe of a crash, and why it only happens on this particular machine. Most of the SX280s we have deployed only have 256MB of Ram on them, it seems the more memory the machines have the longer it takes for it to cause the reboot to occur but it will always happen eventually. We unfortunately have way too many of these Dells for my liking and it has kind of slowed my progress with Openfire/Spark deployment.

I was wondering if anyone else had seen anything like this or have an idea as to what might be allowing this to happen.


Is there anything in logs?

C:\Documents and Settings%Username%\Spark\logs

You may also want to check the application’s logs in C:\Program Files\Spark\Logs.

How did you deploy the software to the Dells? I have about 60 GX280 in place running spark with no issues. Mine do have more RAM (512).

I’ll go crash one again and look for logs in C:\Documents and Settings%Username%\Spark\logs and C:\Program Files\Spark\Logs. I did not think to look for logs because the machine crashes so hard it doesn’t appear to have time to write anything I’m sure but I will check.

They were deployed by just manually installing on the 5 machines I’ve tested with. All of the behaved the same way.

As it not crashing at once, maybe it is able to write somthing into logs before that. There can be something in logs already.