Spark - create/build exe file from source code


For about a year in our company we use Spark and Openfire. Everything works great but we need to disable some option in Spark (like „move and copy users” etc.)

I downloaded source code from github and make change in file “” from \core\src\main\resources and everything works great (we tested it in VS Code running from

But I cannot managed to create/build exe file. I tried some tutorials but most of it is old and applies to another (older) files structure.

Can anyones direct/point to me tutorial or „step by step” how to create exe from source code?

I care about exe file because we have more than 500 computers and we use a script to installs a Spark via domain gpo (it worked great during this year but it requires an exe file)

I will be very grateful for your help.

Best regards

By exe you probably mean the installer and not the actual Spark.exe which only starts the initial process and doesn’t have real functionality. All Spark features are actually stored in /lib/spark.jar file which Spark.exe launches.

I don’t have an answer for you. Spark installers are produced with install4j which is tied into Bamboo CI pipeline and is fairly complex. I personally don’t know how exactly it works. Install4j is also not free (they have donated the license to Ignite projects).

You may try distributing your modified spark.jar instead with some script to PCs, replacing original one.

Or you may try Client Control plugin for Openfire, which replicates many of settings. Just read its changelog and notice that some settings only work with not yet released 2.9.0 version.