Spark Custom Status Message Doesn't Stick

I am receiving complaints from users stating that when they set custom tag lines/status messages that they do not save permenantly. Apparently after a couple hours or whenever their status changes from say, available to away and then back to available for instance they lose their custom status message that was set for their ‘available’ status. This is pretty important for our user base because it allows our remote and outside of the office users to show their fellow department peers what project or task they are working with at that time so there is not two people working on the same thing at once.

Is there a setting on the server or is this a bug with the spark client?


Have filed this as SPARK-1016

Is there any kind of rough idea on when something like this could be expected be corrected in an upcoming release?

I’m not a developer. Can only file issues into JIRA

Currently there is no much development on Spark from the developers. Developer i mean. That is Daniel. because he has other duties and Spark is not in high priority for JiveSoftware now. Lately WinSrev, a community member, was doing many fixes and improvements to Spark. 2.6.0 beta is coming thanks to him. I remember he was fixing custom status feature, because it wasnt launching at all in current svn version. So maybe he knows about all this stuff better now and can fix this easier. I’m only assuming. So, wait until he notices this thread

Fair enough. Thanks