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Spark Custom Status Messages

Using Spark 2.5.5 and Openfire 3.3.2

I set a custom message under Available such as " Working from home". My status goes to idle due to away and when I return my status reverts back to Available but without my custom message. Also I note that the status displays as “Working from home” but when I go to pick it again I get “Available - Working from home”

Is this a bug or am I missing something? Can someone please explain the priority level on these custom messages?

I am setting the Available custom message with the default value of 1.



Were any error messages returned from Spark?

Where do I look - C:\Program Files\Spark\logs ? If so no there’s no mention of any error relevant.

Running 2.5.6 now - will see if that makes any odds.


Edit ;- I see there’s an error log under spark\logs in the user profile but again no mention of any errors relevant

How do I go about getting this listed as a bug?!

Surely someone else has noticed this? Am I alone…? Using Spark 2.5.6 on WinXP.

If you set a custom message - walk away from the PC untilyour status becomes idle - come back - status changes to ‘available’, ignoring your custom status.

Can someone else please confirm it happens to them? If so can someone please let me know how I file this as a bug?


I just gave it a shot, and I can confirm that this is indeed what happens. I am also Spark 2.5.6 on WinXP.

Please can this be flagged as a bug? It’s very annoying not being able to set a permanent custom status message.

I am running 3.5.7 on WinXP-Pro. I have the same problem. The generic status is prepended to my custom message, and it reverts to the generic status when returning from “away”.

In addition, I have noticed that if you set a custom status message, you cannot access it from the tray icon. You must restore the Spark window in order to access any of your custom messages. Very annoying.

I’ve experienced this issue as well - exactly the same scenario: I’m working from home and setting “Avaliable - Working from home” as status, but every time I’ve been away my status is reset to “Avaliable”. It has always been like this in Spark as far as I know, but surely it must be a bug?

Maybe someone could report this in the issue tracker?



yeah, i get this with Spark 2.5.8, can’t find the bug id for it tho.

It was filed a while ago http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-1016

And about custom status management via system tray. There is one very old jira issue about that http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-71

I see that the bug report (1016) says that it’s still present in the 2.6.0 branch in SVN. Is there any way this can get escalated? It’s really annoying (we use status messages a lot). Thanks!

I will try to contact cstux. He has fixed 71, maybe it’s easy to fix 1016 as well. Though 71 probably was a contributed patch from someone else.

72 :smiley:

Wow thanks!