Spark Dial Extension or Number

Using CentOS 4.6 w/Openfire 3.6.0; Asterisk-IM 1.4; Spark 2.5.8 client on WinXP.

PBX software is PBXware ( Very robust PBX built on Asterisk! Phones are Linksys SPA942’s.

All seems to be working well in this configuration, except for when dialing an extension or outside number from Spark. Clicking on a Spark user and choosing the Dial button, my phone will ring in as expected to place/pickup the call, but when picked up the call will immediately be dropped and go to a fast-busy tone. Same for dialing an outside number (Action -> Dial Number).

How or where do I begin to track this down to see what’s happening? I turned on Debug in Openfire, but can’t see anything showing an ‘error’. Just shows updates to my status along with the dialed extension’s status, if applicable.

Does this sound like an Openfire/Asterisk-IM issue or an asterisk configuration issue? An asterisk issue will cost me money for support from the PBX software supplier, if they’re willing to touch this. So I’ll start here.