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Spark disconnects and will not reconnect

We have several users using the Spark client. Daily the clients will disconnect from the server due to docking and undocking. They will try to reconnect but fail. Users will then log off the client and log back in which typicaly results in a blank rouster. Exiting Spark and logging back in is the only solution.

Can the reconnect be adjusted to take into account all network connections.

I second this request.

Spark doesn’t always reconnect properly after connection problems.

Also in general Spark’s current behaviour in case of missing or lost connectiviy is not really suitable for road-warriors.

In this scenario it’s common that systems are started without network access. When Spark is auto-started on login it should be able (maybe optional) to still remain silently in the tray.

Same applies if the network connection is dropped while Spark is still active. It shouldn’t necessarily popup the Spark window but only change the tray-icon to indicate the loss of connectivity (again:maybe optional).

And of course it should auto-connect reliably when a previosly missing network connection gets available.