Spark Discussion

Hello group members

I will start a first discussion.

Firstly, we should know what is the status right now. Winsrev has promised to release 2.6.0 final on November 1. But as i understand there were some problems contacting Jive to make it possible (releasing the install packages). Also there are some new patches which probably should be applied before that release. I hope Matt and Winsrev can shed some light on this.

I would want to introduce a patch provided by Niklas Shaefer. This is a patch for the most voted feature, so i think it should get most attention (from Winsrev also). I’m testing it. It has some issues, but it is working, and it could be incorporated at some point. Maybe not the 2.6.0, but 2.6.x.

Also i will give a link to my Spark SVN thread here. But i will be posting my next issues in that group if Winsrev, Nick anf maybe Walter join that group

Finally. Probably we need some document like Openfire has. Patches waiting for Trunk. I can probably Start that DOC and list a few patches there.

I am fully aware of all patches, they’re all marked as a priority within my inbox.

winsrev wrote:

I am fully aware of all patches, they’re all marked as a priority within my inbox.

That’s great. We just missed some information. Btw, can you tell us what was the story with 2.6.0? Was it a problem contacting with Jive for releasing exe, or maybe you decided to wait to add some other patches?

3 things, I recieved new patches, need to find a way to release files and my own personal life.

Niklas has provided a lot of patches (i think most of them Winsrev already has)

It seems that i’m the only one doing a lot of testing on them (Niklas himself and Winsrev also of course). So, maybe we should change a strategy and push beta versions more frequently for the community to be able to test new features and fixes easily. Or this can be a nightly builds like with Openfire. Of course, everything depends on Jive…

I have posted a poll

As this is a community driven project, then the community should decide… This is taking too much time to make a release. I’m voting to move all open issues to 2.6.1 and release a Beta 3 at first. I even agree a final version to be released after some beta testing without incorporating those interesting patches made by Niklas and Konstantin.

The problem is WinSrev has told me he is looking to hand off dev of spark. He does not have time to work on it right now. I would bet it also has to do with the lack of support fro Jive and the thanklessness of being the lead on spark.

I see it this way. The idea to have one lead developer responsible for everything hasnt proved itself. Derek was ok, though even he doesnt always had time to maintain it or fix some issues fast enough. Probably we won’t ever have a lead developer anymore (hoping for miracle). So ok. We should deal with what we have now. There are some users providing some patches. We can (and should) test them, approve them and then someone, not necessary a developer. Just a project leader or manager, whatever. Then he will apply approved patches to SVN and make a beta release (with a help from Jive), then some of the users will test it and will inform about new bugs, etc. As about releasing. So far it depends on Jive, we are patiently waiting for that SI savior, or we can try to come with some other alternatives, packagers.

Time, time. I understand. We all have not much spare time. I can’t guarantee that i will be able to even answer on that thread someday. But we have to move on. It’s not right to just sit and talk about the lack of time. Especially it’s not right about those people who are trying to contribute. Let’s not waste their time too.