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Spark displaynames with AD integration?

In my company I just recently installed and started using Openfire with Spark clients and has AD integration so that users can login with their AD user name.

One thing though that I’m wondering. How do I change so that the users Full name is shown in the Spark client as default? Now their displayname is their AD login.

For example, a username in ad could be “nilssoma” and the users Full name is Mats Nilsson. Now the client displays the name nilssoma to other users instead of Mats Nilsson.

I’ve seen on the Ignite Realtime site, explanations like the below examples, but not sure which exact field to change, and to what?

  • ldap.usernameField – the field name that the username lookups will be performed on. If this property is not set, the default value is uid. Active Directory users should try the default value sAMAccountName.
  • ldap.nameField – the field name that holds the user’s name. If this property is not set, the default value is cn. Active Directory users should use the default value displayName.