Spark does not display the entire preference window

Hi guys!

Here is a bugfix for this Issue:


Niklas Schäfer
preferences_bugfix.patch (732 Bytes)

This is already a know issue that should be fixed with the next release. Thank you for your bug fix.

Hello Niklas,

thanks for posting the patch. I have copied it into the respective Jira issue.


Nick, could you also fix some other cosmetical issues? Though WinSrev promised to fix them himself, but maybe your patches would be a quicker solution

I was reporting all the issues with SVN version here

Broadcasting window is too bloated. Also there are some text caption missing in the menus. And also i have suggested to change/fix some text captions.

Hi wroot,

i’ve already read the reported issues of you and i also fixed some things of that in other patches which i’ve already sent winsrev. I’ve sent him 9 or 10 patches, but momentarily he has no time to commit them.

But when i’m at work again tomorrow, i could post the whole patches here.



Oh, i wasnt meaning i need those patches right away. I was asking to incorporate them into the new release. So, no horry. Unless someone is willing to get these patches as soon as possible.