Spark does not open talks

I have installed Spark, and a couple of computers is giving me a problem. if I double click a contact to start the conversation, the conversation window is to the taskbar, but if you give click does not open. if you give right click maximize the window if it opens and you can see the conversation.

I already uninstalled and re-installed, but still the same. anyone has any idea how to fix it ??

I am using a translator, so I apologize for any errors that may have this post.

Try using the latest version ll4j/spark_2_7_0_668.exe

Also, maybe you have old Java installed on your system? Like Java 6. You may try to uninstall it.

I could already solve. I realized that if opened, but it was off screen, so I gave just right click and chose to move. with the scroll keys you make the window remains in an area of the screen.

Thanks for your help and I hope my experience will be helpful …

P.D I am using a translator, so I apologize for grammatical errors.