Spark does not populate contact list on first login

I’ve noticed an issue, not sure if it’s related to shared groups or Spark itself. Running Openfire 3.4.5 on WIndows 2003 Server with Spark 2.5.8 on XP SP2 clients. We are using a group shared via LDAP through Novell eDirectory. I’ve noticed that when I log onto the client for the first time, the contact list area does not get populated. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to a minute to eventually come up but I’ve also seen it not come up at all until I close out of the Spark client and relaunch. Subsquent logings appear to work fine so the issue appears to be related to Spark being installed fresh on a PC. Our shared group has 91 users but only 5 of those are actually online. When the problem occurs, I don’t see online or offline users. Any idea of what might cause this problem?


I assume that your users are from eDirectory via LDAP as well? If you are using LDAP and shared groups did you install and configure the Subscription plugin. If not do so and configure it to Accept All.

OK, I did have the plugin installed but I did not have it set to accept all. Why would this plugin be needed if I am pulling the shared group from eDirectory? I figured that this plugin would only be applicable to setups where users want to manually add each other to their rosters.

I am not sure if it is applicable, I just know that I am using the plugin and have no such issues and we have 14 shared groups autopopulating hundreds of users at login.