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Spark does not properly initialize on startup

I have spark set to startup on login and start minimized to the tray. when i first turn on my pc, spark rarely ever loads properly. none of the im plugins are detected and no contacts show online status. if i immediately close spark and reopen it, everything usually initializes correctly. this is very annoying. i want to have spark automatically run on login but it still requires manual intervention.

You mean only gateway contacts (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, etc.) are not shown on first startup? What about other jabber contacts, if you have such. I have no problems with jabber, it’s only gateway isnt working fine.

no. that is not what i mean. no contacts show up at all. also, the gateway plugins dont initialize meaning that the icons for those transports do not show up in the client. this has happened to me on different computers and versions of spark. its like spark is stuck in a halfway started up state. when i restart spark, it usually works. its just a problem on machine startup.

since i upgraded to spark 2.5.7 and openfire 3.3.3, i have not had any problems on startup.

yep, my ICQ issues have gone with 2.5.7 too.