Spark doesn't make the different between profiles

I have couple of users that use the same computer to perform their tasks. I have installed Spark 2.5.8 in the system to allow them to communicate in the network. When one of the users configured the Autologin function it logs wonderfully in the current user, howerver when the other user logs in, Spark autmatically logs with the credentials of the previous users.

It would be nice to see Spark making the differences between profiles on that way multiple users can use Spark with the Autologing functions.

If they use different users to login to the operatingsystem, they get different spark profiles as well

this has been filed long ago as SPARK-15

it will probably be implemented in 2.6.1-2.7.0

dragonlayer wrote:

howerver when the other user logs in, Spark autmatically logs with the credentials of the previous users.

Are these users using different windows accounts or the same account. This can’t be happening with different windows accounts as limited windows user can’t access appdata folder of another account. If you are using same windows account then just don’t use Autologin and every user will have to edit login information and set it for their Spark account. Also you can wait for an imrpvement mentioned by Wolf. I believe it was filed with different name again. This means, that there will be a support for multiple Spark accounts, so one won’t have to manually enter username and password every time he wants to login with different user. He will need to just select a profile to login with. Well, at least this is how i’m seeing this.

thats also how im seeng it

In any Windows system when any one talk about different profiles immediately it should be understood that each users has their own account. I would be defeting the purpose to create users and as them to use the same profiles in the same computer. Just a point to make. Kind of obvious each users has their own Windows account.

Wroot, I am not sure is you ever used Windows systems but it is very much the same as creating user under *nix when creating users. Each users has their account under /home/$USER individually, you don’t mount the same home directory for two or more users.

BTW I just downloaded the version 2.6 and when I log under my regular user account the auto login log me with my credentials, howervern when I log as a Domain Administrator or local Administrator it logs me with my regular users creentials. Keep in mind the the admin accounts can read the %HOMEDIR%\Application Data\ folder as they have full control access in the system

Yes, I thought I saw something similar but it could be fix for regular users but the bug for the Amin access could still be there. Just something to think about it.

Many users in these forums are not system administrators so we have to clear out sometimes obvious things. I’m a Windows and Linux systems administrator, so i know how things should work and therefore your issue sounds very strange. Maybe you are using some kind of profile redirection and administrator can’t create a local profile and then goes to any users’s profile, though this sounds bizarre Anyway, i can’t reproduce this on a regular XP machine (not joined to domain) with local administrator and local limited user. They both auto login with their own credentials in Spark no matter how i login/logout or set auto login or auto launch at startup options. I’m testing with 2.6 version of Spark. You can try making a clean install of the latest 2.6 version ( First you should uncheck auto login and auto launch settings in Spark, Save and exit (for all windows accounts). Then uninstall Spark, delete its folder in program files, delete users’ profiles in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark (for 2.5.8) and C:\Documents and Settings\User\AppData\Spark (for 2.6.0). Then install the latest version and test again.