Spark doesn't work after upgrade to Java 7u51

I’ve been using spark happily with java 7 for some time now, but after the update to 51, spark goes ‘black’ – that is, when its windows start to render, it only gets as far as rendering the bounding region, and then stops. This leaves a black rectangle the size of the spark window, which is unmoveable unless I force-quit the application.

My platform is Windows 7/64, with Java 7u51.


And this happened both with release 2.6.3, as well as latest 2.7.0 bamboo-build 632

Works fine with 632 build on Windows 7 32/64 with Java 7u51 32-bit, both at home and at work. I’m updating Java manually by installing new version on top. Are you using Spark with built in jre folder or Online version? Anything in the errors.log? C:\Users\wroot\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs

I’m running 64 bit JDK, so maybe that’s partially the issue. Downgrading to 64-bit 7u45 to see if behavior changes.