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Spark error "Cannot join the room" with fastpath workgroup


I cannot get spark to goin the fastpath workgroup chat.

From either the webchat interface or sending a chat to test@workgroup.hgusdcmail1

with the chat to test@workgroup.hgusdcmail1:

it asks "Do you want to recieve another room invitation, yes or no?

I reply “yes”

I get the invitation to join a group chat

i accept

it says “the room invitation was sent again”

spark errors, saying “cannot join room”

I can join other chats and conferences so i believe it is a fastpath issue.

I am using a new workgroup with the default que and settings

Openfire is setup with embedded database and LDAP on a MS 2003 server

I have tried with both windows and linux spark clients.

openfire version: 3.7.1

fastpath version: 4.2.0

spark version: 2.6.3

webchat version: custom from the forums


I restarted the server and when spark logged back in,Tons of chatrooms with random names opened.

They all say “This room is locked from entry until configuration is confirmed”

They are all going to {random letters}@conference.hgusdcmail1

I completely removed all rules from that service, but I still cannot get in.

PS: where is the group chat service defined in fastpath?



I ended up restarting from scratch:

1: open server admin page, remove fastpath and all group chat services

2: stop server

3: delete fastpath folder from plugins

4: open the embedded database utility

5: drop all tables that start with “FP” and remove the row from versions that talks about fastpath

6: start server and open admin page

7: add fastpath plugin

8: add new conference room called webchat and uncheck most of the boxes that limit usage

9: add new fastpath que and configure as needed

10: enjoy