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Spark every time login promts for update the version

hi i m using openfire 3.6.3 on linux fedora 10 server. and spark 2.5.8 on windows client machine.

now i have added a new spark version 2.6.0 beta2 to the openfire admin interface. so it promted all the spark users to update their versions to it. now once they update it. next time when they relogin it promts again. it promt for upgrade every time they login. tell me how to disable it now. there is no way in openfire admin interface to disable it.

i don’t know this bug belongs to openfire or spark. so i am puting this thread in both support forums.

You should not deploy the betas this way. To stop this put 2.5.8 back on the server. Don’t double post.

Please delete one of the posts.

how to delete it?