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Spark fails to login after restore from Hibernation (XP)

I often Hibernate my PC and Laptop if I’‘m in the middle of something at the end of the day but don’'t want to lose everything by shutting down properly. Spark is one of only two apps that fail to log back in when I restore from Hibernation.

It does detaect that an error has ocurred but even though it says it’‘s trying to login, it does nothing. I am then forced to login manually, if i remember, and I often don’'t. Is there a quick fix in the settings to get around this?


I have created this issue SPARK-744 to solve the problem.




I had such problems only one or two times, usually hibernate does not cause problems for me. (Also using WinXP.)


I’'m experiencing the same bug.

At least, after changing the status to away and back to available, Spark seems to connect again.

It seems spark fails a login attempt if theres already a session of you on the server and it has to kick that session off. Is it possible that after hibernation you still have a session on the server and thats why you’'re getting denied the first time you try login?