Spark falling connection

Good morning, I have a problem with a user, connecting the
spark dropping connection and after 1 min offline it reconnects.
The Network has already been verified.
This problem started after the user didn’t use the computer for more than 15 days and now, on returning to work, he started having this problem.
I wanted to know if there was anything to be done.

what version of spark are you using?

versão 2.9.4, com Windows 10 Pro.

version 2.9.4 , and using with windows 10 pro

Very strange problem, I have not encountered this. I can advise you to ping the Openfire server for 10 minutes and see that there are no lost packets. See also these Openfire settings

The Settings are correct and well above adding up to 60 minutes, I will test the equipment.

Wow, 60 minutes is too much for me. A user who disconnected due to a bad connection will go offline after 60 minutes, this may confuse other users and offline messages will not be saved to the Openfire server. With a bad/slow connection, I would set 2-3 minutes max.

Try temporarily disabling the antivirus on the problem host, this may be the problem.