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Spark Feature request: Additional gateway detection/changed mechanism

Daniel is currently adding a number of new protocols to the IM gateway and sounds to be pretty close to a release (a month maybe?).

However, because of Spark’'s unique handling of gateways, it will not allow use of the new gateways. So, is there any chance we could either:

  1. Deal with Sip/Simple, IRC, XMPP and GTalk gateways the same way as we currently deal with MSN, Yahoo etc


  1. Move to a more traditional model, where you can list all gateways on a server and register with them - in the same way other xmpp clients do?

Bump - Derek?

Bump (again). Does no-one from Jive actually read the forum, or was my question not clear enough to allow an answer?

Hey DJ,

I’'ll discuss with Daniel to see what the best way of handling this would be.



Thanks Derek. Would you mind posting the outcome of your discussion here?