Spark Feature Request

I apologize upfront if this is request in the wrong place. I have many users requesting / wishing this feature existed. The request is that when a user sends a broadcast message that the message sent is then copied into / displayed in each of the recipient’s chat window on the sender’s end. The recipients see the message of course, but the sender does not. Sometimes it is just helpful to see what is sent, without asking someone to copy/paste and send it back to the sender.

Thank you for your consideration.

This is the right place to to a feature request and a legitimate request. Sometimes i get same request from my users. And it was field a while ago and some work has been done on that, but not finished unfortunately [SPARK-1051] Spark should save broadcast messages in sender’s history transcript - Jive Software Open Source

As i read my last comment, the patch was working for saving them in the history, but it also stripped all the broadcast functionality. Which is not ok in my opinion. This developer no longer works on Spark. And as there are no qualified java developers working on Spark at all, i can’t say when this can be done.