Spark Feature Requests/Suggestions/Bugs

I’‘m trying my darnedest to evaluate spark as a viable alternative to Pandion for 60+ users. I’'ve been testing Pandion with Jive/Wildfire for the past 12 months or so, and they work pretty well together, in spite of a few annoying bugs and the fact that I dislike Pandion piggy-backing on the IE engine.

Following are some things I feel spark needs before our users and myself as administrator can accept and deploy it. I’'ve categorized them into Needs and Wishes:


  1. Option to turn off tabbed chat

  2. Option to hide “Offline” and “Unfiled”, or any other non-shared group completely

  3. Option to show shared group offline users under that group still

  4. Option to turn off the search field and bottom tabs

  5. AUTO-RECONNECT - if there’'s a network/server issue that causes a client to disconnect, it should continually try to reconnect without popping anything up at the user. Without this, many users will disregard the message and remain disconnected.

  6. Full OEM/Silent Install support


  1. Kerberos/NTLM

  2. Avatar/Global Avatar support

  3. Smaller memory footprint

  4. Single-click-on-name option to chat

  5. Wider emoticon support

These are all a result of my first week with 1.1.1. I love that Jive is developing this client, and like the security of knowing that the client and server are supremely compatible. I also like that the client can managed and enforced from the server.

I’'ll add to this list as I continue to evaluate the client. Please feel free to post your own needs/wishes and/or address mine as valid/bogus


  1. So now there are three of us asking for windowed mode

2/3. This is what people are asking here often too. I need this too.

  1. SPARK-14 SPARK-48


  1. It’'s Java and probably will stay about 30MB

  2. Could be provided by a plugin in a future maybe:


  1. it seems SPARK-107 has to fix this.

Hi Oleg,

not SPARK-107 but SPARK-69 is “Memory needs to stay below 30 megs”, currently one can allocate 120 MB using Spark.


Ok, i have edited my post. I was pointing to 3. in Needs. SPARK-69 is for 3. in Wishes