Spark file transfer is slow

Hi all. Just setup a new Openfire server and I am noticing that the file transfer feature only gets 50-70 kB/s throughput when the internet connection at the client and server ends can support much faster. Is there a spot in the config somewhere I can increase this? I assume it’s throttled somewhere? Thanks!

Adam Tyler

Using 2.6.3 probably? Sprk always had various problems with the file transfers. 2.7.0 is better in this regard. You can try the latest 2.7.0 build (it’s pretty stable, using it in my network): ll4j/spark_2_7_0_668.exe

Thanks for your post wroot! I installed this new client and attempted the same file transfer. Unfortunately the speed did not change. A little wary of the statement “pretty stable” too…

Have you installed it on both ends? Btw, file transfers by default go from client to client, server is no participating. So it is actually how fast the link is between these two clients.

As it is not AN official release, i’m kind of wary to call it “stable” Though official release on this site doesn’t mean much in the stability field. Sometimes another or even two more releases are needed to fix bugs in the official release. There are no testing team or Q&A here. Usually developers pushing the update make a decision, that it is stable enough. But when more users start to use it, problems occur. Current Spark build is stable in my opinion. Around 200 users are using it in my network daily. Yes, it can lockup sometimes, but so does 2.6.3.

wroot, thanks for your reply here. Yes, both clients had the new version installed during the test and they both had great network connectivity at the time. I have yet to do additional testing, but will post my results as they come in to this thread. We are just now rolling this product out to our entire organization as a free alternative to link or other paid products. So far I am really liking it.

We are going to deploy with Spark 2.6.3…

What does your server environment look like? Windows or Linux for the Openfire piece? You aren’t experiencing any issues with slow roster loading right after login are you? I’m about to start a new thread on that one as we do see it… About 5 minutes to load the roster with only 3 users connected… Not good.

Funny thing, that we are planning to switch to Lync (or should i call it Skype for Business now?) in the future. Or so my boss is planning He wants all this unified communication stuff, integration with Exchange, video conferencing, etc.

I was running it on Linux for ~10 years (physical box at first, then a VM). But i became tired of the constant system changes of Arch linux, which i was using for an OS, and also administrating was a bit cumbersome. 99% of our servers are Windows based and i’m more familiar with them. I couldn’t update Java to the latest Oracle’s version easily too. But most importantly with Openfire 3.9.3 version i started to have strange freezes, and even had to go back to 3.9.1. So i’ve decided to give Windows a try. Running now on Windows Server 2008 R2 (VM), Openfire 3.9.3, with the latest Oracle’s Java 8 version (not using the built-in Openfire’s java). And it works surprisingly well. No roster loading issues. We are not using LDAP and i think this might be the cause in your case, but i can’t say what is causing it exactly. Have tested LDAP integration a few years ago and decided it’s not worth it in our case. It is easier for me to create another user manually than having to deal with LDAP madness.

Really!!? Going to Lync eh? I am curious if you will go hosted (O365) or choose to install an on premise version. I had installed an on prem Lync 2010 server in a previous life and it wasn’t exactly straight forward. These days with the added complexity of Federating to the Microsoft Cloud it doesn’t seem like there is a good option. Lab Lab Lab, just give Microsoft your credit card first.

I really do like the idea of LDAP integration wherever possible, the more cloud solutions that come into play the more and more integration with your existing LDAP environment becomes a pipe dream. Identity management with everything outsourced is a huge hassle to manage accounts. You find yourself logging into 8 different systems to manage passwords and accounts whenever there is a new hire or exiting employee… No thanks… I fight it tooth and nail as hard as I can.

One tip I might make for your migration if you do plan to go cloud and you aren’t excited about full federation support is a product called “Okta”… They basically handle federation for you… All this too can be yours for a price…… I’ve met more than one company that is asking “how do I get out of the cloud” as the recurring costs become ridiculous and difficult to anticipate/estimate… Once prime example of this is the Amazon cloud… How’d you like to be charged per IOP? Oh, that’s easy, I use exactly 23454 IOPS in my environment. It’s going to cost this… RIGHT… Just give them your credit card though, it’ll all be fine… or will it?

I wonder what the boss will think when he prices lync?

ldap/ad integration with sso is the way to go. But you’re right, everyone is looking for more integration/Unified communication stuff.

I really wish I knew how to code. I think some plugin to integrate into outlook, popular phone system (cisco, shoretel, asterisk), IE, in addtion to the ofmeet work that dele has done, and an update to spark, would go LONG LONG way to boosting openfire. I love it and spark, but I find myself occasionally looking for spark alternatives because of unresolved bugs or lack of updates…

I agree 100% speedy… God even if they decided to start charging a little. Lync is crazy expensive.

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Every time he speaks about going to Lync i smile inside He thinks if it is a commercial product, it will work flawlessly. We also have a successful example of another similar company implementing it (integrated with IP phone system). So it looks tempting. Though it wasn’t a completely hassle free project. Yeah, i have once tried to install an on premise Lync server for testing. Yep, tried So, no, it won’t be on prem, will be some outsourced solution (i think it doesn’t have to be O365 and can be hosted by a local cloud provider). But it is a plan for a distant future. This year we are going to outsource our Exchange service. Again, most probably a hosted solution, not the O365. Though every salesman tells us we will pay many more for that than using O365. Will see what they will propose.

I’m not against LDAP integration. We have lots of systems using it and it is handy. But speaking about Openfire it doesn’t look LDAP ready (sorry, speedy, i know it is working for you but so many issues in the forums and such a cumbersome configuration process).

Btw, there is nobody to start charging for Openfire It is an open source project for many years with no company behind it. Just a bunch of volunteer coders. The only hope and way i see is for some serious company (or few) getting invested in this software by using it internally and wanting to improve and then providing their coders to fix bugs and implement features. It was happening for Spark at some level in the past. There wouldn’t be a 2.6.x version without that. But so far it is only an occasional and short investment usually.

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wroot, what size company are you working with? # of end users?..

What hosting company are you looking at for Exchange and what version are you running internally now? Are you federating and going hybrid deploy with the migration or will it be a separate database of users/passwords?

Thanks for the clarification on “open source”… I’m pretty new to it. Just started playing with the community version of OwnCloud too.

I’ve got AD and SSO down now. I can get a setup going in no time, and its just about trouble free…well as long as spark isn’t using jre8 lol. I still need to look into that one! or as long as spark isn’t running under an admin account on win 8.1…hmm ok, I see your point!

Right now, one of the few reason I’m still sticking with spark is because of sso. I haven’t found a better client that offers sso. I keep hoping that jitsi will do something, but even then, their client is too busy. Although i think its pretty customizable. I just haven’t really looked into it.

speaking of devs. I wish I could sponsor something with spark to get some things going. I’ve even thought about taking night classes the the local community college to see if I couldn’t learn to update/fix some things myself. Unfortunately time is always an issue.

We are not in the States btw It’s a small country in Europe, so prices may be different here. Anyway, it’s around ~230 users and we are using old 2007 version of Exchange. But our setup is weird (historically so). Our Exchange is not exposed to the Internet, only for internal usage and we also have a POP3 provider for external emails. We are still thinking about the best migration process, but i’m leaning towards asking new providers to build a completely new box for us and we will gradually move our users out of our old Exchange (exporting to pst and using that POP3 for both internal/external temporarily) and then shut it down and then connect users to the new one. We will probably move to a hosted Exchange 2013, so migrating boxes from our old box is not an option as far as i know.

speedy, i was thinking about it many times too But i never was good at coding (during my studies), so it is just a dream so far