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Spark File transfer problem between two different


I am using Spark and Openfire from Many days/years.

some of my clients are using spark 2.5.8 and some of them are using 2.6.3 (who join recently)

But I am facing problem regarding file transfer between these two clients.

Will you please help me??

While sending file user get message like “due to some error file not transfer” or sometime it won’t give any notification to user

Thank you

File transfers won’t work between these versions, because file transfer mechanism has been changed a lot. I think you can even encounter problems when sending files between 2.6.3 and the current SVN version of 2.7.0.

it’s worth upgrading your clients if just for the file-transfer fixes… the Spark team put a lot of effort into overhauling it from my understanding.

the nightly/beta builds are more-or-less stable and many of us use them or derivitives of them in production within our companies.

http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/JOB1/build-615/Install 4j/spark_2_6_3_12555.exe

Thank you for reply.