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Spark file transfer

I’m using the latest spark and open fire. messaging works back and forth. transfer files says Negotiating connection stream, please wait. on the sender end and error on the receivers end that with the proxy disabled. if I turn the proxy on the sender’s end say Negotiating connection stream, please wait. I can’t figure this out. I’m on a LAN network, same subnet, and IP range. please help.

Usually it should work in the same subnet. I would check firewall (try disabling it on both ends and test). But file transfer is degraded in 2.8.3 in general. If file transfer is must have for you, you can try using 2.7.7. https://github.com/igniterealtime/Spark/releases/tag/v2.7.7

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Hi SWO13,
I have a similar problem: using 2.8.3 and latest openfire, when I use the Spark on my server machine (OpenBSD6.3) I cannot accept any file transfer and the preference pane for Downloads is dead-link.
It works the opposite way just fine!
Has anybody got similar problem or any solution?
I want to transfer files from server to users as Administrator,e.g. a family photo or myself!
PS Did not work with 2.7.7 either
Thanks for helping…

same problem… cannot send file but i can received it