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Spark flashing on the MS Windows 11 taskbar


The Spark flashing on the new taskbar of Windows 11 is not clearly visible (in Windows 10 it was very visible).
I have tried both the light and the dark themes.

Any idea?

Bes regards.

I think the jdk(jre) that goes with the spark just doesn’t know about the existence of windows 11.


Maybe with java 8 321 will work fine

I now have Windows 11 and see this.
But I do not know only in Spark so dimly blinking or all applications.

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I came here hoping others had found a fix to the same question. After changing to Windows 11, I miss new Spark messages many times a day. Honestly, I don’t know that there is a direct answer as I think it’s just how the new interface works. I’m Spark 2.5.8 for what it’s worth.

Perhaps there is a solution without third-party programs, but I installed Startisback++ (https://www.startallback.com/) and after that the start and notifications became like in Windows 10.

there is a script that restores the taskbar as in win10, but I have not tried it.