Spark for cell phone (symbian, j2me, winCE), when...?

Dear Spark developer,

When u release Instant Messenger client like spark but for mobile device (cell phone) with various OS platform such as Symbian, java (j2me) or Windows mobile…

Please info,


I agree a Windows Mobile version would be killer… Ofcoarse you would need to require a JVM but hey you can ge tthe IBM one for $6… I got it… It’'s great… I would love to see Spark on my phone… that would rock…


Have u success install spark on windows mobile?

Could u describ more detail (step by step) and what i need for install its on windows mobile??

Sorry, my english no so good

Thanks in Advance

No he hasn’'t because there is no Spark for those platforms yet.

Setakat ini mereka belum ada cadangan membangunkan Spark untuk sebarang peranti mudah alih. Saya tak yakin mereka akan berbuat demikian dalam masa yang terdekat ini.

IMHO, i just cant uderstand how would Spark rock in mobile devices. Where is just no space for rocking Only the roster and messages. No cool design, no popups, no cool (flat) graphics. I just cant think of any feature of Spark that would be useful in cellular and which other mobile jabber clients dont have.