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Spark for Mac OS problem

Hello All,

I am having an issue with Spark Client for Mac. Up until recently it had been working fine, but as of about 3 weeks ago it started having issues when recieving new messages. When a new message is received the window is blank. The user can close out of the message window and then reopen it and the message is there. This only seems to happen when new messages are being recieved. I tried removing and re-installing the spark client with no luck. If anybody has any light they could shed on this i would be greatly appreciative. The OS versions we are using are OS X 10.9.2, OS X 10.6.8, and OS X 10.8.5. Hope everybody has a good day.

Jeremy Wright

Maybe something has been updated on your Macs recently (like Java or something related)? Not sure where Spark profile is on OS X, but on linux it’s at /home/user/.Spark (hidden folder). You can try renaming it to something else, the nstart spark and let it create a new profile. Check if that solves the issue.

Other than that i can only suggest to try the latest build of Spark, but for Mac it is in the form of an archive, not an installer http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-NIGHTLYMAC-288/artifact/JOB1/Spark /Spark.tar.gz

I have been having this problem also. It’s very annoying! I am on a Mac using 10.9.4. Someone will send me a message and it’s blank. I try to close the window and it goes blank and Spark locks up so I have to Force Quit. When I open the message window from the person who sent it the message is not there though. I can answer them back but their previous message isn’t there. This doesn’t happen with all contacts.


There isn’t currently any developer working on Spark at all. So there is not mich hope for this ti be fixed soon. I suggest to look for some other client for Mac OS X.

We are a minority (Mac’s) in a sea of Window’s 7 machines so we’re at the mercy of our IT dept.

Unfortunately Mac platform is also in minority here. Not many using Spark on Macs and alnost no developers for Mac.

I am currently working on improving the GUI on Spark Windows & currently working on troubleshooting the Mac issue, hopefully I will have a solution in the next few days!

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that sounds nice since current spark for mac seems old and a bit buggy.

do you already have working source code tree with compile ready project file that can share with me ?