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Spark for Microsoft CRM?

I apologize if I have posted this question in the wrong area… I am brand new to Spark and OpenFire, so I am just learning my way around. Does anyone know of Spark’s capabilities in terms of integrating with Microsoft CRM?

Just to clarify, you probably don’t mean the CRM itself, but the Office Communicator which can be integrated with CRM (from Wikipedia). Spark itself can’t be integrated with other services, other than standard xmpp/jabber servers. I have seen threads about integrating Office Communicator and Openfire servers, but i don’t remember seeing any easy/working scenarios. I think there is something like XMPP connector for Office Comunicator, which should let xmpp server to talk to Office Communicator. So the path would be Office Communicator - some connector in between - Openfire (or other xmpp server) - Spark. Not directly with Spark.

Thanks, wroot… well said. We’ll explore the Office Communicator path, but if anyone else has experience with this, we would love to hear from you. Thanks again.