Spark Freezes and Apparently deletes logs when IMing with random users

I have a user who is IMing with various other users when her spark freezes up on her. She closes out and when she goes back into spark, her conversation has been deleted. I’m assuming that when Spark crashes for some reason, her logs are deleted. Is there anything I can do to make this stop freezing? Unfortunately this is a remote user and I don’t have immediate access, but if I get more info I will try to post it.


Try 2.6.0 RC1 on this PC

which version of spark? Older spark clients only committed the log on graceful shutdown/chatroom disposing. Chat logs are now updated more often.

It is whatever the most recent stable version is, 2.5.8. I tried deleting her transcripts yesterday and I don’t think she has had any problems since, so maybe one of the files was corrupt.

Ironically, this version is not as stable as it should be and is also 3 years old.

Huh… Well good to know. I figured there must be some instability since I have read in several other forums that the log files and transcripts get corrupted sometimes. That’s too bad.

definitely give 2.6.0RC1 a shot, log handling is much much better and there have also been some major improvements