Spark freezes when trying to IM in Ubuntu

This problem started up a few weeks back. Before that I never had an issue. I am running Ubuntu 11.04 Natty. The weird thing about it is there is only one contact on my list who causes the freeze and of course he is the one person I really need to speak to over Spark. I think it may have to do with the fact that we had a conversation when things were working which involved a large field of text being pasted into the IM and then sent to me but I can access old chat logs in Spark and there is no problem; freeze only occurs when I actually try to chat. It doesn’t matter if I IM him or he IMs me, either way it will freeze. Once the original Spark is frozen I can open another instance of Spark and chat normally but if I chat with him it will freeze again. Only way to get them all to shut down once frozen is the restart my entire machine. Any ideas? I am using a netbook with about 1gig of ram so it might be a ram over flow issue but I don’t know. I already unistanlled Spark and started running it again but because it doesn’t use an actual installed, I just run of the binaries, all of the user data was saved where ever it is cached so if it is because of a large IM and a ram issue I have no way to clear it.

Any ideas? Where would the local user history be saved? Is there a way to turn off the auto save feature and clear the cache inside Spark? Any help with be greatly appreciated.

You can try cleaning the history with that contact (you can save history files somewhere if you need them). I usually get a few seconds freezes when receiving or sending messages with contacts which i have rather large conversation history.

Spark profile on linux - $ HOME/.Spark

history logs are in user/user@server/transcripts

As I thought, it was an issue with the saved information from that contact. The path way you provided sent me where I needed to be. The actual file was down another level or so, don’t remember off the top of my head. Anyway, thanks for all the help.