Spark freezes when two users send IM

There are two users who attempt to IM each other, and every time they do, Spark will freeze. They are able to IM all other users except each other.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Is spark generating any error logs on those two machines. There are user level logs as well as application level logs for spark. The user logs are in the Spark folder of their profile and the application logs are in the Spark program folder.

I had one of the users try to send an IM to the other user, and then check their error log. Please see the attached file. Thank you.

I really doubt that the error you posted has anything to do with the chat error. Are all your users on Vista? Is it both ways? Or is it only when one of them tries to start the conversation?

All of our users work at home (forgot to mention that). Some are running XP, some run Vista and one has a MAC. The two users who experience this run Vista, and it happens on both ends.

Sorry for all the questions but can the users with the issue chat with other Vista users? You could also have one of the users delete their spark profile folder from within the windows user profile. This will not affect the app at all. This will just reset spark to its default settings.

There have been no issues reported with them IMing other Vista users. Don’t worry about the questions! The more questions, the closer we get to an answer

I’ve even had one of them uninstall/reinstall and it didn’t correct the problem.

Thanks for your help so far!!

Uninstall does not remove the spark profile for the user. I would try deleting that folder. It should be in their profile folder for their windows account. How are the users created on the Openfire server?

I create them by going to Users/Groups - Create New User. We do not allow them to setup their own accounts.

I’m waiting to hear back from the users on whether the profile delete worked. However, I probably won’t know until Monday since it’s 5 PM on Friday. Thanks again for everything!

Once again, you have corrected a problem! You are awesome!

Thanks for all of your help. Have a great weekend