Spark Games

I see you’ve been either creating or implementing some recently.

Any chance of either a Hangman or Wheel of Fortune game that would be playable in a conference room?

Nope, at least not in the current dev stream.

i think hangman is a very good idea but spark is mainly used in a corporate enviroment so there is no demand

also implementing games in a conference room needs a bit more implementation logic than a 2on2 game. maybe there will be some games in the future when one of the developers is bored but facing the current open spark issues makes me think that there won’t be a bored developer in the near future…

but especially for multi user games like hangman or quizzes there are already a lot of irc bots available in the internet. if it’s open source you don’t need a lot of time to let the bot work on xmpp with smack as api (for example)

if you want i can upload a MUC-Quiz bot based on smack


  • 20.000 Questions in english

  • scoreboard

makes sense.

We use spark in a corporate environment, and we have a weekly contest typically – last week we did Wheel of Fortune.

Someone manually typed in the puzzle hints / guessed letters, etc. already.

A quizbot might be something worthwhile though.

found my bot, here it goes

use at your own risk

also some method or classnames are in german, but that wont be a problem (401979 Bytes)

Seeing as I have never wrote an actual plugin for Spark or Openfire, how does one either compile or load your classes?

havent written a buildfile yet

put it in eclipse

put smack libraries into eclipse

select Main-class and click run

how to install it in Openfire?