I translate the english version of Spark into german.

And I personally want to say thank you :). I’'ll get that into the next release quickly and get it out there



Hi Christopher,

are you German?

Your translation looks really very bad, join!=fügen for a IM client, occupants!=Occupants as this is not a German word and a German word “Standart” does not exist. I did stop to look for more issues with this file.


Hi Derek,

If I do a translation in my language, shall I submit it to you? Also, what is the usual approach for screening before getting it into the release?

Hi Aznidin,

I would recommend firing me off a private message specifying which language(s) you could do. I’'ll then send off the english properties file for translation. When you are finished, just submit it back to me

Thank You,


Where do I have to place the file?

Please send your translation to I’'ll place it directly into the build for the 2.0.2 release.

Thank you so much,


What I meant was: Where do I have to install the translation file in my saprk installation to use it.

But: If I make change to the file, I send it to you. (On first look the file seems to be ok.)


you could try to modify lib\spark.jar using a zip program with a gui (wi**ip), the file is in the i18n path. Not sure whether this works anyhow.


A quick but a bit misleading way is create resources\i18n\ directory and place your .properties file there. However, you need to rename your file to exactly

@ aznidin :

I placed the file in resources\i18n\ which works fine.

I don’'t have to rename the file.

The link above is dead, but I downloaded the file before. I will check the translation and upload it somewhere afterwards.