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Spark group trouble

We pull the groups from spark in through ldap security groups the thing is in spark we can move users to different groups and which duplicates the user in its original group and the group they move it to and then they can not delete the user from that group my question is how can i prevent users from moving people into different groups in spark and getting all these duplicates?

You can’t. You will need to remove Copy, Move Contact commands from the source and compile your own version. Spark has such options like every IM client naturally does. Also, there is another thing under the hood. Even if you are using shared groups, any roster change made by a user (say renaming) is saved in his own roster on the server. And the only way to reset such changes is to delete and create such account again so it would pull the latest and unchanged shared rosters. This is not with ldap though. Maybe with ldap things are different.