Spark groupcounter for onlinecontacts wrong

Im experiencing wrong display of onlinecontatcs in groups, anybody else? This only happens when spark stays open for a few days without reconnecting.

Try with the latest 2.6.0 RC1 version

i am running latest svn, sorry have not mentioned it…

I have filed this as SPARK-1204, though i haven’t seen this myself and actually i’m not running it for so long.

maybe its related to my AD-integration. i am also experiencing double offline contacts, this changed with a new version few weeks ago, before that after one night almost all contacts were doubled. It looks like the groupcounter ist only wrong in those groups having double offline contacts. The rule is one double offline contact = groupcounter - 1.

Addition: It looks like it is a sorting thing.

Groupname (counter 1)

  1. Active User 1

  2. Offline User 2

  3. Offline User 2

  4. Active User 3

and i do not show offline users by default, i think it is a combination with all of this. but it should be reproducable, i’ll try later