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Spark history question

Now it’s 2019 but I have a similar problem now. I work with several companies and all used SPARK. I’m pretty sure, if I changed to an other pc (in the same network) firstly I could see the history of chats I had with other colleagues. And secondly also the tasks and notes followed me to the other pc when I logged in.

Now with openfire 4.4.2 and SPARK 2.8.3 in a different company no history, no tasks, not notes follow me to the next pc.

What did I do wrong this time? And was is a „roaming profile“?

Is it possible to change the local directory where the messages and the rest are stored to the server?

I have moved this to a new thread.

We can’t say how it was setup in these companies, but Spark doesn’t support server history. So i guess they had some sort of profile roaming to make chat history appear when logging in on a different PC.

Notes and tasks as well as bookmarks are stored on the server in a so called Private Data Storage. That’s why it appears automatically on another PC, even without profile roaming. If it doesn’t appear, then maybe Private Data Storage is disabled on this server.

It is not possible to change location for Spark profile or history folder.

Thanks for your response.

As my knowledge is limited, I don’t know what profile roaming is and how it’s set up. It would be perfect, if the chats could be stored on the server and from there provided to the respective user.

To the subject „notes and tasks“: it is enabled in the console, but it does not work. Any idea on that?

Roaming profiles is what company admins can setup and it is rather complex. Spark has no active developers and i doubt server side history support will ever be added to it.

Spark is saving notes and tasks for me. Are you sure this setting is turned on in Admin Console?
You can check Spark logs, maybe it will have something related.
There is a bunch of files, look through all of them.