Spark hyperlink command code

For MSN:

When clicking this link, someone will be able to start a text chat with you:

<a href="msnim:chat? ">Click to chat!</a>

Does Spark has the similar hyperlink command code that will open a Spark to chat when clicking the link?

If not, could someone share how to implement it? We need this on the website.



This might be a little bit overkill for what you are looking for, but have you tried Fastpath and the Fastpath Webchat?


or for MUC


This is assuming that Spark is the default program to open an XMPP URI

Yeah, Spark does respond to the xmpp protocol links.

Thanks for help. It works.

I changed xmpp to spark in windows registry to avoid conflict with other xmpp client, but it did not work.

does the name “xmpp” have special meaning for windows?



I guess it comes down to the last client you installed that supported xmpp that sets that global protocol in Windows.

more info on jabber uri’s (and uri’s in general) here: