Spark install has trojan?

Hi, anyone get a trojan alert when installing the spark 2.5.8 client. Our company antivirus (eTrust) reports a Win32/Gamepass.LR in the temp folder. Anyone got any info on why this is installed? Thanks.

I can’t say why this file is loaded, but I have had Spark running for a couple of months. Etrust just reported the same “trojan” to me as well in a recent network scan. It is only on the PC’s that has Spark installed.

If I were a betting man I would say it is a faulty detection. Can you give more specifics of the detection. What file, what path, etc.

It’s under documents and settings \Local Settings\Temp\e4j11A.tmp_dir3598\ the i4jdel.exe specifically.

C:\Program Files\Spark.install4j\i4jdel.exe
File was cured; system cure performed
C:\Documents and Settings\mhill.AMFCU\Local Settings\Temp\i4jdel0.exe

This is a copy of the report generated from ETrust antivirus scan.

I’ve had it for a couple of weeks testing and it just started reporting it also. The CA site says it steals login credentials.

That is an etrust false positive. That file is created in every installer built with install4j which is used to make the spark installer, openfire installer, jira installer, etc. I would report this to etrust to have them fix their mix up.

I figured as much, but you never can tell anymore!!!

very true. mcafee has recently seen fit to delete VNC and components of Windows Vista for no reason what so ever.

And Symantec Endpoint Protection is constantly finding “trojans” in its own installation folders I suggest to report that to eTrust. They should fix they definitions. Also you can always check suspicious files with say