Spark iPhone client?

Has anyone heard of an Phone Spark client is in the works? A web-based client is OK, but Id love to see a real cleint side esecutable for the iPhone OS.

Does SparkWeb (Web-based client) work well in Safari on the iPhone?

Ill check it out and report back

I don’t believe the iPhone supports Flash yet so doubt Sparkweb is gonna work.

You could try the iTransmogrify bookmarklet for the iPhone to get Flash to work on the iPhone.

Correct, Apple hasnt supported Flash on the iPhone. I was hoping there would be interest in Apple’s recent release of the iPhone Dev kit beta. Perhaps a Java based Spark client wouldnt be too hard to develop for the iPhone. The iPhone OS is basically Mac OS X 10.5 (well, sort of). Scale the GUI to fit the iPhone aspect ratio and BAM, we got a client!

Apple has more or less stated that Flash will never happen on the iPhone due to some technical reasons. Also, Apple did not include Java in the iPhone SDK, nor does its license really allow someone else to port the Java runtime (even though Sun said they would do it anyway). So at this point the only two options are a web-based (css/js) client or someone start over from scratch with Objective C. I don’t think the Later of those options will happen any time soon for Spark, but the web-based client did exist for a while (buggy as it was), so that might be a real possibility.

There will be some “native” IM clients for the iPhone once the 2.0 version of the iPhone software is released in June. In the meantime, check out Meebo. Their web-based client is iPhone “aware” and works pretty well.



That applies to us too, plus the lack of Flash and Java.

I am familair with meebo, but it doesnt seem to allow me to point the meebo client to a private XMPP server. It provides access ti AIM, Jabber, Google, etc, but I ned to connect to my Openfire server. Maybe a Spark client will be born someday. We will know more after WWDC in June…

David - do you work with Adium and Jive? I have used Adium for years. Love it.

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d bump this thread to see if anyone has looked into this since the iPhone Firmware 2.0 is now out and in the wild. I’d absolutely love to see Spark on the iPhone as a native app. Looks like the notification features alleviates having to run all the time. Someone want to take a crack?



iPhone 2.0 has some “push” messaging abilities, which should make it possible. Need to sign NDA’s to get the full SDK and specs on it, but it should be possible to write an IM client using that framework. But, it would need to be written using C/ObjectiveC I assume, so none of the existing Spark/Smack/etc API would be useful; and additionally I think there are some license incompatibilities with GPL stuff, making it even more challenging. Im sure someone will come up with one at some point, but I dont know if the Jive folks have the resources to devote to that right now.