Spark is not getting offline broadcasts

If i send broadcast from Spark to offline contact, (Actions > Broadcast Message, sending as Normal message) Spark contacts wount get it upon login. Exodus contacts are getting offline broadcasts.

We see the same behaviour here. The clients are running Spark 2.5.7 or 2.5.8. Exodus clients display broadcasts even after being offline (user logged out of PC for a while) whereas Spark clients do not. This behaviour is limited to broadcasts, personal messages just work fine. We are running a Jive Messenger on Windfows 2003 server and are thinking about upgrading the server to the latest version of Openfire but following your report I am not sure if this will fix the problem. Martin

No, it wount help, because it’s Spark issue. But i still recommend to upgrade to Openfire, because you are missing lots of bug fixes (security as well) and features now.

Thanks for the update.