Spark is not showing users as online . however if i restart spark then they

spark is not showing users as online . however if i restart spark then they will show that they are online

this seems to be tru using other clients as well like gaim…anyone?

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I’'m getting the same problem.

We are running Wildfire Enterprise 3.0.1 on debian linux

I log in to a windows spark 2.0.1 client. When another user logs in to a spark 2.0.1 mac or linux client they do not show up as online on the windows client.

If I log out and log back in then they show up as online.

Ok, looks like a known issue and fixed in 2.0.2:

But when is 2.0.2 coming out? This is a major issue.

I get the same problem using other cliects such as gaim and a jabber client as well…so would that mean its in the wildfire server and not spark?

Ya, you’‘re right, it’'s in the server. I installed spark 2.0.2 and the problem was still there.

However, it looks like it’'s fixed in the latest beta release:

I installed 3.1.0 Beta 3 and confirm that it’'s working fine now.

Out of all of you, are these installations LDAP based??

for me, yes

Im not using ldap

still no luck … I have the latest version of spark and wild fire running… any one have a idea?

I wonder if its a firewall issue… my status is updated on a computer that is outside our network… but that computers status is not updating on my computer …


I had this problem myself I believe a few months back, this is how I resolved it:

I hope this helps you as well!

Cheers, RioGD