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Spark & ISA Server 2006

We use ISA Server 2006 on the network, and it is also our proxy system. Our Spark clients on the network are unable to connect to our Openfire Server, which is outside our office (internal) network. Any experience / feedback in making this work will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If the Openfire server is installed on the ISA Server PC then add a firewall policy from external to internal and create a custom protocol "inbound at port 5222 to 5222 range, but if Openfire server is installed on a diffrent PC other than ISA Server PC then use publish non-web server protocol on ISA tasks and use it as a IP forwarder still creating custom protocol inbound 5222-5222 range and point to the LAN IP of the Openfire server and publish default server port 5222 on ISA Server used by the Openfire server. Just try to research more on details of this procedure specifically on ISA IP forwarding.Hope this gives you and idea. Cheers!