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Spark Issues- Screen Redrawing

I have some Spark issues with the display.

On several users (nothing I can find in common), and even on my machine on occasion, it’s like Spark has display issues. If Spark is actually minimized down into the taskbar, it isn’t redrawn to be gone- the window remains.

Similar problems occur over all of the screen- other windows won’t close.

If I do a Windows+D (show the Desktop), which forces the screen to be redrawn as the desktop, it goes back to normal. However my issue is that the common user doesn’t know this.

Is this a reported bug, or something known?

This is not a “filled bug”, but it’s known, at least by some users. I have experienced this too, though this is happening for me mostly when Spark is locking up and is not usable at all. Though this is now rare issue for me. Additionally with older versions there were sometimes glitches with redrawing titlebars of Spark. Usually that could be fixed by clicking on Roster window and back to message window.

Well, i cant give you any solution and i dont know if developers can do something. This seems to be a hard to fix issue. And it can be related to all Spark freezing / locking up issues reported on forum. Personally i dont believe Spark’s java version will ever be usable for all environments. It acts slowly on PCs with 512 MB RAM, locks up, freezes and those redrawing issues also.

OK, I may need to look into PSI or some other Jabber IM client that’s a bit lighter.

I do like Spark though.

With PSI, anytime you get a message it takes the focus away from the window- a real pain.

Although spark is like the bastard stepchild right now, it is under development with some potentially sweeping changes to its code in the future. That said I run Spark on 200+ windows clients and have only seen that error twice. None of my users complain of slowness with the program, and most have 512MB of RAM. That being said we run very tight systems, with only MS Office being a big memory hog. Our antivirus solution has very low footprint on the system which helps alot with performance.