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Spark kills my Netgear Switch


Totally new to Spark and Openfire but what an awesome application.

Just downloaded Openfire and Spark three days and installed it on network and it installed perfectly really easy to setup but then…

Whole blocks in my switch started failing, more specically a user killed spark Ctrl+Alt+Del then re-opened Spark and them bam parts of my switch just froze. I was in total denial Spark or Openfire could freeze a Netgear Switch. But the more I installed spark clients more often the switch would freeze.

Now I’ve uninstalled both Openfire and Spark the switches are now stable? Anybody experienced anything like this?

Ohhhh…problem was clients plugging into the switch were getting Limited Connectivity.

P.s. Everthing was running standalone, Vanilla 2003 Server, vanilla XP machines in testing phase.